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J. RETTENMAIER&SÖHNE - a Familiy Business with a Vision. Serving Customers for more than 135 Years.

JRS Group

Since the company's founding in 1878, the Rettenmaier family business together with many dedicated employees has grown into a mature, efficient manufacturing and marketing organization through perseverance, vision, and inventiveness. Today, JRS RETTENMAIER & SOEHNE GmbH+CO.KG is a world-wide, dynamic leader in the fiber industry.

Through intense research and development, the former grain and saw mill has expanded dramatically incorporating specialized, highly technical pulverizing, fractionating and refinement processes. Five manufacturing facilities supply the international market with wood cellulose, fruit and grain fiber products in a variety of forms including fibers, powders, granules, chips, and agglomerates. Our know-how is recognized world-wide.

JRS has a proud history of cooperative business partnerships including leading chemical, pharmaceutical, food and numerous other industries. Aided by our inventiveness and problem-solving, these partners have grown by successfully applying natural, cost-effective fiber technology to their application knowledge. JRS is committed to the cooperative challenges of new customers and the trust and support of our valued long-term customers.

JRS J.Rettenmaier&Söhne GmbH+Co.KG

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